Canadian Arab Youth Solidarity Delegation to Palestine

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From: "Linda Sweiss"


My name is Linda Sweiss and I am a member of the Canadian Arab Youth Association (CAYA) in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a newly established organization with the principle objective to educate and empower our Arab youth through educational, social and recreational events, in the hopes of developing unity and strength within our Arab communities. As part of our on going efforts to educate our youth and in light of the escalating and gruesome events in Palestine we have created the "Canadian Arab Youth Delegation to Palestine" this summer.

The situation in Palestine is reaching all new horrific and heart-wrenching levels, which requires us as Arabs to act immediately in any way possible. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are bleeding, suffering, dying and calling out for our help...the least we can do is answer their calls. Every day that goes by without any action is another day of continuous oppression and torture in the life of a Palestinian. The urgency is there and there should be no delay. We urge you to join the "Canadian Arab Youth Delegation to Palestine" and make a difference in the life of someone in dire need of help. We must unite in the name of justice, peace and human dignity against the forces of oppression and aggression that have tried to break the Palestinian will, but have always failed in doing so.

On this delegation to Palestine there will be 15-20 delegates, varying from the ages of 15 and 30. The delegation will be leaving for Palestine on Aug. 2nd to return on Aug. 17th. We will be touring through Haifa, Nazareth, Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. Working with various NGO's as well as building relationships within the Refugee camps and the Youth of Palestine. I sincerely ask you to please support our Canadian Arab Youth delegation with a small monetary donation which will help support our efforts in making the delegation a successful one.

For further details please feel free to contact me at

In solidarity,

Linda Sweiss
Canadian Arab Youth Association

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