Metropolitan Stephan and Archbishop Michael
Meets With
Presidential Commission for the Faith-Based Initiative in Washington DC
Headed by the President of the United States of America

The Bishops of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the USA have been in Washington DC for the past two weeks, attending meetings concerning our church and future here in the Diaspora. These two weeks have been very historical not only for our church, but also for the Ukrainian community, because many meetings attended by Metropolitan Stephan and Archbishop Michael concerned the present situation in our Motherland, Ukraine and the movement for One Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine. In particular, besides meeting with numerous congresspeople and senators, the bishops met with Professor John DiIulio, chairman of President Bush's committee on the "Faith-Based Initiative" at the White House.

The meetings in Washington D.C. took place in order to secure humanitarian aid to Ukraine, through the intervention of the Metropolia. Medical aid and programs that could help Ukraine were the main point of the meetings. Full support for the Metropolia in the Diaspora was given by many officials in Washington, and we look forward to working with them on humanitarian rights in our Motherland on behalf of our people. Metropolitan Stephan, during his meetings with government officials, stressed the importance of our brothers and sisters need in Ukraine, which especially concerns those afflicted with illnesses and victims of the mass flooding. Our purpose is to never forget our Motherland and our people in Ukraine and to do everything we can to see support given to Ukraine from America.

"The first and the most important is that we all do our part in helping Ukraine. It is important for everyone in the Diaspora to support our Motherland by sending aid to Ukraine. As a church, it is vital that we do everything we can to assist those in most need. Each parish in the Diaspora can help by sending clothing, books and medical supplies. Thus, we can and we will make a difference," Vladyka Stephan stated. "We are blessed in America, and we as Christians must share with those who are in the most need. As Ukrainian Americans, we pray that we will make a difference in helping Ukraine, and that we all continue praying for her."


Metropolitan Stephan
Head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. - Sobornopravna Attended the United States Congress Session held in Washington D.C.
On April 26, 2001

Bishops Endorse "Gift of Life" Foundation

Metropolitan Stephan was invited by the Congress to give the opening prayer. He opened the session with a prayer and was given a certificate of recognition by the United States Congress, attended by more than 200 people. Metropolitan Stephan was also thanked and recognized for his endless humanitarian work in health care, in which His Beatitude has been involved for the past twenty years. He holds a degree in Vascular Technology and has in the past served as director of Special Services at several Cardio Vascular clinics. He is a member of the Society of American Ultrasound in Medicine, Great Lakes Institute of Clinical Science and The Society of Vascular Technology. Metropolitan Stephan is a graduate of the M.R.I. Technology and Radiology School, co-sponsored by the University of Medicine, Madison, Wisconsin, and was Instructor of Ultrasound at Swedish Convent Hospital In Chicago.

He has been active in humanitarian work on behalf of Ukraine, and is currently involved with the Gift Of Life Foundation for Ukraine, which he hopes to promote and get more support from our Ukrainian community in the Diaspora. The Gift of Life Foundation brings children from Ukraine to America for medical treatment . Vladyka Stephan, along with Vladyka Michael, was the guest of the Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation and attended the 26th annual banquet of The Gift of Life in New York City on April 21. Mr. Peter Oleschuk and his Family, who are very active in The Gift of Life Foundation, has inspired both Vladyka Stephan and Vladyka Michael with all of their hard work in bringing our children from Ukraine to America for medical treatment. It is the Bishops' hope to see the Ukrainian community in the Diaspora support this most needed work.

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