On Labor Day Weekend, August 31 - September 3, 2001, Metropolitan Stephan and Archbishop Michael attended the 67th. Annual Pilgrimage (Vidpust) to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at the grounds of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Basil the Great. Thousands of pilgrims (palomniky) from across the United States and Canada as well as Eastern Europe attended the traditional event, many traveling by busses chartered by their parish churches.

The weekend afforded much needed spiritual refreshment, which gave the pilgrims the religious strength needed to deal with the, as yet unanticipated tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Shown below are the bishops with clergy and Ukrainian seminarians during the "song-fests" held each evening, after the conclusion of prayers and liturgical services.

Vladyka Stephan and Vladyka Michael with priest and seminarian friends
(from left to right) Front: Metropolitan Stephan, Archbishop Michael, Fathers Michael Shear, Daniel Loya, Robert Barter and Edward Higgins. Back: Seminarian Ivan Sheemet, Mukachevo, Ukraine; Father Basil Kraynyak, Seminarian from Prjashiv.

Vladyka Stephan and Vladyka Michael with priest and seminarian friends
(from left to right) Front: Father Basil Kraynyak, Metropolitan Stephan. Back: Vladyka Michael, Father Michael Shear, Seminarian Ivan Sheemet, Mukachevo, Ukraine; Seminarian from Prjashiv; Fathers Daniel Loya and Robert Barter.

A view of the Pontifical Altar during the closing Divine Liturgy.

Vladyka Stephan, Vladyka Michael with Mr. & Mrs. John Voloshyn of Perryopolis, PA and John's sister Helen of Detroit. Prof. Voloshyn is the cantor at St. Nicholas Church in Perryopolis.

The bishops with Vladyka Michael's sister, Mrs. Edwina Smith.

Metropolitan Stephan and Archbishop Michael with Sr. M. Volodymyr Chabala, OSBM, 80 years old and a vocation from SS. Peter & Paul Church, Peekskill, NY. Also pictured is Helen Rodak Gardiner, of the Peekskill parish. Helen and Mrs. Christa Chabala of Buchanan, NY, joined pilgrims from St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Yonkers, NY, on the bus to Uniontown. Mrs. Chabala is the wife of the late Stephan Chabala, nephew of Sr. Volodymyr, who entered the novitiate of the Basilian Sisters in Uniontown, after living as a young woman in New York City. The Chabala family were very active at the Peekskill church, and donated the beautiful main altar for the new church in 1965.

The bishops with Sr. Volodymyr in the Motherhouse refectory.

The grotto illuminated at night.

The Vladyky with Archbishop Michael's sister and the Voloshyn family.

Vladyka Michael with his sister Edwina and brother-in-law, Richard.

Our Vladyky at the Vidpust.

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