Archeparchy of the United States & the Americas
His Eminence, the Most Rev. Michael Javchak Champion, DD., MA Th.

Friday, October 28, 2004


Metropolitan Michael at St. Elias Church, Allentown, PA His Eminence, Metropolitan Michael will offer a special Pontifical Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of SS. Boris & Gleb in Cleveland on Sunday, October 31, at 10:15 a.m., for God's guidance during the elections in Ukraine. Concelebrating with him will be cathedral rector, the V. Rev. Ivan Kinash.

At the request of parishioners and pastor, special petitions will be included, imploring the help of the Holy Spirit, in the outcome of the decisions. Hymns which pray for the welfare of Ukraine will be sung as well.

Metropolitan Michael indicated that, "Freedom of Religion and of Conscience is most important to all Christians, including the millions in our ancestral homeland, Ukraine. We pray that God may grant Ukraine furtherance in all good things, including freedom and liberty, which are essential to the church's ability to preach the Gospel with dignity."

"We are also concerned about our particular Ukrainian cultural, spiritual and liturgical heritage which is both indigenous and unique to our people and for which many of them have shed their blood. We ask for enlightenment on the part of Ukraine's officials, in preserving these precious treasures and the heritage of our Martyrs, not succumbing to the misguided temptation of pan-ethnicism or assimilation," His Eminence remarked.

"I urge all of our pastors and parishioners throughout the Archeparchy," directed the Metropolitan, "to offer special prayers and petitions this weekend during the Divine Liturgy, for an election outcome that will allow our Ukrainian people to continue to live in freedom and to accomplish God's will."

The Archbishop-Metropolitan also encourages all Americans to exercise their right to vote on November 2, following the guidance of a well-formed conscience, keeping in mind sacred scripture and the tradition of the church. He asks that, "our people here in the United States pray that God will guide the citizens of this great land to make informed decisions that will preserve the greatest possible safety and security of the American people, and ensure the ongoing freedoms we have come to enjoy and cherish here. We must not take them for granted, but see them as an ever fresh opportunity to live the Gospel life as Jesus teaches us and to work on the side of justice for humanity, both here and throughout the world."

"Liberty to work on behalf of justice has a tremendous potential in our society today, when there are so many who are poor, disenfranchised and estranged from life, both temporally and spiritually. We must remember to always use our freedom in a way that looks to heal and restore God's presence to people, living out the Beatitudes that Our Lord used so often in his preaching. On this criterion will the Son of Man rely, when he judges the fruits of our democracy and of each of us," concluded Vladyka Michael.

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