New Outdoor Sign Dedicated At SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral

CLEVELAND: On Pentecost Sunday, June 3, 2001, the pastor and parishioners of SS. Boris & Hlib Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Cathedral made a procession outside, to the front of the church, to solemnly bless the new outdoor sign which had been installed earlier this year, during Passion Week.

Archbishop Michael J. Champion, cathedral pastor who blessed the new sign, commented, "Our parishioners take great pride in their parish church and this is just one of the examples of how they labor for its continued beauty and ascetic appeal. When the sign was installed, we felt that they solemnities of Passion Week and Easter took precedence over any other celebratory event and decided that we would find another suitable time during the liturgical year to bless and dedicate it. Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the church, seemed like a very appropriate occasion to dedicate this new instrument of evangelization."

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Stephan, Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the USA and second pastor of the cathedral, who was instrumental in moving the church to its present location, sent his blessing from New York to the parishioners: "I congratulate the parishioners of our Cathedral of SS. Boris & Hlib and assure them of my daily prayers, that God will continue to bless their hard work and bring it to even greater fulfillment. Our Cathedral in Cleveland has been called a 'jewel' by many who have visited this sacred place. It is thanks to the love, sweat and tears of past and present clergy and parishioners that our cathedral has grown into a most beautiful house of God. My blessings are extended to everyone who is associated with our beautiful cathedral and they are assured of a remembrance in each and every Divine Liturgy that I celebrate. May God grant you all many more happy and blessed years. Na Mnohaya i blahaya l'ita!"

Vladyka Michael blesses new cathedral sign
Vladyka Michael blesses the newly constructed cathedral sign.

The sign was constructed by Protodeacon Volodymyr Klebanik and the lettering painted by artist, Protodeacon Konstantyn Rouban. Prof. Ivan Klymus, cantor of the cathedral, also helped in the sign-preparation. The new sign is dedicated to the memory of the departed relatives of the cathedral clergy and parishioners, who were remembered during the All Souls' Saturday panakhydas this past year.

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