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Genuine Handmade Wooden Prayer Beads

Today, more and more people are becoming acquainted with the "Prayer of the Heart" as a means of meditation and communion with God in their daily lives. It is a way of attaining to the admonition of St. Paul to "pray constantly" ever keeping the Lord in our thoughts and hearts.

These beads, also known as "chotki" have been used for centuries by Christians to focus on the "Jesus Prayer" which is centered on the repetition of the holy Name of Jesus. Now you can acquire these helpful instruments at reasonable prices, hand made and imported directly from our suppliers overseas.

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

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Genuine hand made prayer beads
Hand Painted Blue Prayer Beads
$10.00 special price

Genuine hand made prayer beads
100 count Wooden Prayer Beads
Available in Yellow, Burgundy or Olive
Please specify color

Genuine hand made prayer beads
Small Wooden Prayer Beads

Genuine hand made prayer beads
Rosewood Prayer Beads
Beautiful scented rosewood

Genuine hand made prayer beads
Large Wooden Prayer Beads
100 Count

Genuine hand made prayer beads
Royal Kauka Seed Prayer Beads

Of superior quality and craftsmanship These authentic prayer beads are imported from remote areas of Thailand where they are hand-picked and processed to produce an excellent masbaha. The seeds of the Kauka tree bloom only once in many years and have the unique property of increasing in luster and light with use. These imported beads are of excellent and durable quality and will last a lifetime.

The beads are held together by three sets of green nylon string each consisting of three strings, and includes an additional counter with ten extra mini-beads in addition to an attached marker bead. These are the beads of choice for those immersed in the remembrance of the name of the Lord.

Genuine hand made prayer beads
Boxwood Prayer Beads
100 Count

Genuine hand made prayer beads
200 Count Wooden Prayer Beads with Counter
from Cyprus

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