Servant of God, Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky

Metropolitan Stephan Asks the Faithful to Pray for the Glorification of Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytskyj

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Stephan, Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North & South America - Sobornopravna has announced that our church will join in supporting the efforts towards the beatification of the Servant of God, Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytskyj, Metropolitan of Lviv & Galicia and world renowned Apostle of Church Unity.

During a synod meeting held in America, the UAOC hierarchy agreed that in light of the many accomplishments of Metropolitan Sheptytskyj on behalf of the UAOC and his support of our church during the difficult times of Soviet and other governmental persecution, it is our obligation as Ukrainian Christians to honor him and work towards his glorification by the universal church.

Metropolitan Stephan stated his opinion that if Metropolitan Sheptytskyj was alive today, perhaps unity among the Ukrainian churches would not even be an issue, but would long ago have been realized, because of Sheptytskyj's long efforts towards this goal and the respect held for him among Ukrainians of all jurisdictions.

"Since our particular church has its origins in Western Ukraine, we hold a special place in our hearts for this holy man," Metropolitan Stephan mentioned. "We ask all of the clergy and faithful of the UAOC - Sobornopravna to pray to Metropolitan Andriy, to seek graces and favors from God through his intercession and to record any answered prayers, sending documentation of them to the holy synod of our church."

His Beatitude continued, "We pray that we will live to see the Metropolitan canonized a saint in our day. Let us look to the Servant of God, Metropolitan Andriy as an example of true love for all Ukrainians and as Ukrainians, let us be proud that he is part of our history."

A special prayer for the intercession of Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytskyj is available in the article on our website, commemorating the 40th. Anniversary of his death. All of the faithful are asked to say this prayer daily for their special intentions, and to send acknowledgements of prayers answered through Metropolitan Andriy to the Office of the Consistory.

"Holy Servant of God, Metropolitan Andriy, pray to God for us and for all of your Ukrainian people!"

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