UAOC Sobornopravna Recognizes Metropolitan Mefodiy
as Head of UAOC Patriarchate in Ukraine

Metropolitan Mefodiy Kydriakov

The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North & South America - Sobornopravna - as well as its eparchy in Ukraine, recognizes Metropolitan Mefodiy Kydriakov as the first hierarch and spiritual leader of the UAOC Patriarchate in Ukraine and the successor to the late Patriarch Dymytrij. Our church does not support the movements of any other eparchies which may have decided to separate from the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Mefodiy or which choose to recognize a different hierarch as the ultimate head of that church.

While there are today, many Ukrainian Orthodox jurisdictions which, due to circumstances of time and place, originate from the canonical Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church that was granted autocephaly in 1942 by the Patriarch of Constantinople, those which at present, merely form eparchies of the Church of Constantinople cannot, by virtue of this relationship, freely lead the Autocephalous Church in Ukraine, which is by nature, a self-governing and fully indigenous ecclesial community. It is therefore, only natural that the UAOC in Ukraine be led by one who is a part of that entity.

November, 2003 - Protocol No. 112003

Press Office of the
Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
of North & South America - Sobornopravna

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