Cathedral Deacon Reposes on October 25

The Rev. Deacon Mark A. Perger of the Cathedral of SS. Boris & Hlib passed away suddenly on Friday, October 25 at his residence. Deacon Mark had been suffering from complications of diabetes.

A well known personality in the Cleveland area, Deacon Perger endeared himself to many people through his warm and outgoing personality and many talents which he willingly shared with the community both at the Cathedral and throughout the Metropolia.

Deacon Perger was born on December 13, 1952 in Cleveland and attended local parochial schools and graduated from Cathedral Latin High School, a college and seminary preparatory school operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. Possessing the call to a vocation to the religious life since early childhood, Deacon Mark was active in many churches and organizations throughout the Ohio area and was characterized by a truly ecumenical and inter-ritual spirit which was appreciated by clergy and faithful from many different traditions. His mother is still active in the Hungarian Reformed Church, where Deacon Mark would often take her when he was not attending services at the Cathedral.

Deacon Mark Perger (left) with other parishioners of SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral In the social specter, Deacon Perger was well known to many political personalities, including Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Senator George Voinovich (R-OH), former mayor of Cleveland and Governor of Ohio.

His clerical career began with ordination to minor orders within the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church - Sobornopravna. Along with a class of four others, he was tonsured into the clerical state and ordained to the Order of Lector and Cantor on February 28, 1998 by UAOC Primate, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Stephan at the Cathedral of SS. Boris & Hlib. Later that spring, he was elevated to the Subdiaconate by Vladyka Stephan on May 5.

His entrance into major orders occurred in December of 1998. Completing his academic and pastoral formation, he was ordained to the Holy Diaconate on his birthday, December 13, 1998, by Archbishop Michael J. Champion, DD., MA Th. during the celebration of the Pontifical Divine Liturgy at SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral Church which was attended by a large gathering of parishioners, family and friends. The evening before his diaconal ordination, on December 12, the then Subdeacon Mark was tonsured a riassaphore monk at the conclusion of Vespers at which Vladykas Michael and Stephan presided.

Deacon Mark Perger (right) supervises the buffet table at the 20th. anniversary celebration of SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral in October, 1999 At the Cathedral parish, Deacon Mark was active in many ways, including the annual Easter and Christmas decorating teams and serving at the altar. In October of 1999, he was chairperson of the banquet committee for the 20th. Anniversary of SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral, which was attended by several hundred clergy, dignitaries and faithful. Shortly after the anniversary celebrations, Deacon Mark became ill due to a diabetic condition and suffered for the past three years with the effects of the disease, to which he eventually lost parts of his left foot and leg.

Deacon Perger is survived by his mother Rose, brother Ronald, a number of aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews as well as the parish family of SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral.

Funeral services for Deacon Mark Perger will be conducted on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, October 28 & 29, at the Bodnar Funeral Home and SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral. May God grant to his newly-departed servant, the Deacon Mark, blessed repose and eternal memory! Vichnaya jomu pamjat' - Boldog nugalmat es urok emleket!

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