Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the USA
Metropolia News: March - 2002
News from the Central Deanery:

Archbishop Michael visited St. Mary Parish (Holy Protection) in Plymouth, Indiana, near South Bend, this past weekend to ordain a deacon for our Central Deanery. Fr. Deacon Robert Bower was ordained on Saturday March the 16th during the Pontifical Divine Liturgy at St. Mary Parish. Concelebrating were Archimandrite Theodosius Walker, pastor, Protopresbyter John Johnson, dean and Fr. Thomas Wiggins, assistant pastor. Deacon Robert will serve as deacon and pastoral associate at St. Mary. Our clergy from our Central Deanery took part in the Divine Liturgy along with His Beatitude, Metropolitan Stephan. A reception took place after the liturgy and a meeting of the clergy was held. On Sunday the hierarchy celebrated Divine Liturgy with all the clergy of the Central Deanery concelebrating. Fr. Deacon Robert will be ordained to the holy priesthood at the Cathedral of SS. Boris and Hlib later this year. May God grant Fr. Deacon and his wife Crystal many, many years!

The website of the Parish of St. Mary (Holy Protection of the Mother of God) can be reached at:

Some pictures from the Indiana ordination and visit are available at the following link:

A meeting of the Central Deanery clergy will take place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Manitowoc, Wisconsin shortly after Bright Week, near the middle of May. Further details will be forthcoming from the Dean, Protopresbyter John Johnson, in the immediate future.

Lenten Pastoral Letter and Regulations:

Our hierarchs' Lenten Pastoral Letter as well as fasting and liturgical regulations for the season of Great Lent are available on our Metropolia web site. An article of Lenten reflections is also available online. You may access them at the following links:

News From Eparchy of Canada:

Plans are now underway for a conference to be held in August, sponsored by St. Elias Cathedral and the Eparchy of Canada, to be held in Toronto. Guest speaker will be His Eminence, Archbishop Michael, Eparch of the Americas and Archbishop of Cleveland. His Eminence will be speaking on several subjects. Archbishop Michael, a graduate of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA and St. Mary Seminary & Graduate School of Theology in Cleveland, is working on his doctoral degree and writing several books on theology. He is well known in the Orthodox world as a theologian and is highly respected by many. Please contact the Cathedral of St. Elias (905 542-2588) for more information and registration for the conference. His Beatitude, Metropolitan Stephan, Primate will also be speaking. A banquet and Divine Liturgy will be held during the weekend. We ask all members of our Metropolia to plan on attending this most important event.

Lenten Project:

Our Metropolia each year during Lent, collects funds to send to Ukraine to help the needy. The past two years have proven to be a success and we look forward to staring the campaign again this year. All monies collected go directly to the shelters in Ukraine for food and medical supplies. We ask each parish to hold two (2) collections during Lent for this purpose and to send the collection to the chancery office at the Cathedral of SS. Boris and Hlib in Cleveland. All donations are tax deductible.

Parish News:

If your parish has a event that is coming up and you would like to have us announce it in our Metropolia monthly news, please send or e-mail the information to the chancery office one month prior to the event. We will be happy to add it to our newsletter.

Metropolia Web-Address:

We ask all clergy to please make sure that your parishioners have our e-mail address and most importantly, our WEB-Address! This is very important. Archbishop Michael has spent many long hours working on our website. It contains updated news about our Metropolia, and it is vital that all parishioners of our Metropolia have this information so they may be kept updated as to what is taking place in our church. We ask all clergy to make sure that our website address is posted in each parish and for the clergy to announce that this is available to them. News from our website can be copied and given to those parishioners who do not have a computer. We ask each parish to elect a person to view our site two times per month and to copy any news that has been posted. This can be given out after Divine Liturgy on Sunday or you can place it next to your parish bulletins. The Web is used by us to post information about what is taking place within our church. Due to the cost of printing and mailing we have chosen to place all news on our Metropolia site.

You may reach our site on the world wide web at:

Visiting Our Cathedral:

It is very important that you try during the holy season of Lent, to make a visit to our Cathedral of SS. Boris and Hlib in Cleveland. It is the tradition of many faithful to make a pilgrimage to the cathedral for special intentions and to pray with the bishop and seek his blessing. Divine Liturgy at the cathedral is held each Sunday at 10:15 am. We ask those coming from out of town to contact the cathedral to let us know that you will be arriving. Each of you should make a effort to visit the cathedral at least once a year.

Office of Religious Education:

Our Metropolia office of religious education is now under the direction of Mrs. Crystal Bower, of St. Mary Church in Plymouth, Indiana. She will coordinate all needed materials and publications for your church school program. Crystal has much experience working in this field and will be a valuable asset to our Metropolia. If you need any materials for your religious education programs, please contact Crystal at:

219 936-9465 (church) and 219 936-7423 (fax)

You may also e-mail Crystal and Deacon Robert at:

Office of Marriage & Family Life and Youth Ministry:

A new office for marriage and family life and also youth ministry has been established by Vladyka Michael to offer guidence and resources for pre-marriage preparation (pre-cana), marriage enrichment, youth ministry and other family related projects. The chairman of the new committee is Archimandrite Dionisij Edmunds of Scranton, PA. Information will be availalbe soon. If you need assistance in any of these related programs, please contact Fr. Dionisij at: 570-342-6114 or by e-mail at:

Office of Charitable Outreach:

Now forming is an office for charitable outreach, chaired by Father Ken Anatoly of St. Nicholas parish in Millstadt, Illlinois, near St. Louis. Father Ken has extensive experience in outreach programs to the local and global communities. He will be preparing resources for our parishes to use in establishing Christian charity activities in their areas. Father Anatoly can be contacted at:

His website can be viewed at:

Informative Publications on Orthodox Faith & Practice:

Father Nicholas Botonis, a priest of our Metropolia in St. Louis Missouri, has written and compiled a great number of informative publications and materials on the Orthodox faith and practice. Materials are now available for Great Lent, Pascha, Souls' Saturdays and many other subjects. These pamphlets are original and creative and can be a great help for your parish bookstore, bulletin or church school classes. Please contact Father Nick for a calalogue or ordering information, at: 314 729-7614 or by e-mail, at:

Cantors' CDs Now Available:

Our Metropolia has made available a set of compact disks for the use of cantors in learning the chant of our liturgies. The recordings are extensive and cover the Divine Liturgy, eight tones as well as services for special occasions. They may be ordered by contacting either Bishop Danylo at: or Father John Johnson at 920 726-4568 or by e-mail at:

These are a must for all new and aspiring cantors in our parishes. A book with corresponding music is available to go along with the recordings.

We wish all of you a blessed Lenten season!


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