Protesters Demand An Independent Ukrainain Church

Protesters sign petition for return of Ukrianian Church Properties Ukrainian Independence Day and the Dedication of the Uspenskyj Sobor in the Kyiv Percheskaya Lavra provided occasions for Ukrainians to protest the dominance of the Moscow Patriarchate in the church in Ukraine. The protesters demanded both the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the return of church buildings and properties from the Moscow Church to Ukraine's Kyiv Patriarchate. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is over 1,000 years old and through which Christianity spread to Russia, was self-governing until its forced transferal to the authority of the Russian Church in 1326. At that time, the center of church administration was moved from Kyiv to Moscow. An revived Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church was established in 1921, but faced annihilation from Soviet Russian authorities during the long years of Communist domination. The independent Ukrainian Church continued only in the Diaspora, where millions fled persecution from the Soviets. After Ukraine became an independent state nine years ago, the movement began once again, towards a self-governing church in Ukraine. Follow the links below to read news stories about the struggle for Ukrainian Church independence.

Protesters Sign Petition to Return Properties to Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Crowds Demand Independence For Ukrianian Church

Photos of Protesters in Kyiv

Controvery Over Uspenskyj Sobor

Kyiv Cathedral of the Dormition Named State Property

Patriarch Filaret on a United Ukrainian Orthodox Church

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