Vladyka Lyubomyr Husar

Vladyka Lyubomyr Husar
Elected to be the Father & Head
of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

25 January 2001

The new Greek-Catholic Church official has been elected at a Synod held in L'viv, and attended by 30 Bishops from all continents with Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Eparchies: Australia, Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe. There are 25 Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Eparchies in the world.

Vladyka Lyubomyr holds the title of "Major-Archbishop" which is a position with authority similar to that of a Patriarch. The bishops of L'viv have been referred to as Patriarch by Ukrainian Catholics for the past several decades, since the acceptance of this title by Patriarch Josyp Slipyj, on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

Rome does not officially recognize the existence of a Patriarchate for Ukrainian Catholics, which many believe to be for political reasons. The Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is opposed to any type of Patriarchate for Ukrainians, Catholic or Orthodox. Ironically, according to the press, the Moscow Patriarchate has also expressed their disapproval of the upcoming Papal visit to Ukraine.

May God grant to his servant, Archbishop Husar, peace, health and happiness for many blessed years, as he begins his ministry as the Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

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