Eparchie d'Europe de l'OUest-Afrique et dépendances

WTC Memorial
Toulon le 09 Septembre 2002

His Beatitude,
The Most Reverend Metropolitan Stephan

Your Beatitude,

May God Bless you, our Holy Church and the United States of America.

One year ago, the terrorism struck the USA and numerous victims of the blind fundamentalism were sacrificed on the altar of the human idiocy.Cross made from Steel Beams at Ground 0

Your Beatitude must be sure that all the parishes of the eparchy you confided to me, received instructions of celebrations to unite with the Holy Mother Church in this strong prayer which will rise towards the Lord.

Our GOD is merciful and compassionate, he is not the GOD cried out by the fundamentalists. Receive your Beatitude, the prayers of your priests who unite them with America in this commemoration!

With Your Holy Blessing,
Your Son in Christ,

+Kallistos, Archbishop NYPD Officers amidst the destruction on Sept 11, 2001

Very Reverend Paul, Archimandrite & Protosyncellus
Very Reverend Maurice, Hegumen
Reverend Father Leonod Priest - Ecumenical Relations
Reverend Father Pablo, Protopresbyter
Reverend Father Manuel Protopresbyter
Reverend Father Peter
Reverend Father Miguel
Reverend Father Zacharias
Venerable Father John Frederic, Archdeacon
Fr Grigori, Deacon
Fr Josep Luiz, Deacon
Br. Bernard, Subdeacon
Br. Maximos Angel, Subdeacon
Br Xavier, Lector

Letter of American Hierarchs

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