Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

Repetition of Acknowledgement and Support of

Metropolitan MEFODIY Kydriakov
as Head of the UAOC in Ukraine

April 21, 2004 - Protocol No. 43404

For the sake of clarity, since it has been brought to our attention that there have been statements to the contrary, we reiterate below, what has been posted in other articles linked from our main page for a number of months.

At the present time, our church, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of North & South America - Sobornopravna, does not have an eparchial establishment within the territory of Ukraine itself.

We recognize solely, as has been stated in November of 2003, His Beatitude, Metropolitan MEFODIY Kydriakov as the only rightful and legitimate Head of the UAOC in Ukraine. (Article linked below)

Metropolitan MEFODIY has our full support as he continues to lead the church in Ukraine. Likewise, being that there has to date, been no successor chosen to His Holiness, Patriarch Dymytrij, of blessed memory, we recognize Metropolitan MEFODIY as the administrator of the Patriarchal Curia of the UAOC in Ukraine, and in this capacity, we acknowledge that he is the acting Patriarch of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

As has been made clear from our notice of January, 2004, Bishop Moisei Kulyk is not a member of the Council of Hierarchs of the UAOC - Sobornopravna and has not been associated with our jurisdiction for some time. Any claims to the contrary are untrue. Our church is not knowledgeable of his whereabouts, nor do we support any particular teaching or activity he may be occupied with. If he chooses to continue to lead his own church within Ukraine, he does so solely on his own accord, without affiliation with our church in the Diaspora.

Bishop Bohdan Kulyk, an occasional traveler to Ukraine, is not assigned there but rather, is an auxiliary bishop for the Archeparchy of the United States, of our jurisdiction. As an auxiliary bishop in good standing, while assisting with certain eparchial tasks in the Diaspora, in cooperation with our legitimate ecclesiastical authority, he does not himself possess Ordinary jurisdiction (that of an eparchial bishop), just as any auxiliary bishop does not. This includes, as is the norm, the inability to receive or ordain clergy and accept parishes, without the express knowledge and permission of the Primate of our church or his Coadjutor and Metropolitan-Archbishop of the United States.

Any claims to the contrary are unfounded and without the support of our church here in the Diaspora.


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