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Linking to the Web Site

The UAOC permits anyone to link to the web site subject to the linker's compliance with the following terms and conditions: A site that links to the web site:

  1. May link to, but not replicate, content contained in the site without the corresponding permanent link source;
  2. May create a border environment or browser around content contained in the UAOC's site as long as the UAOC's main logo/banner, name, and navigation bar are shown;
  3. Must not present misleading or false information about the UAOC's beliefs, structure or practices;
  4. Must not change or edit the UAOC's documents, quotes or articles;
  5. Must not misrepresent the UAOC's relationship with the linker;
  6. Must not imply that the UAOC is endorsing or sponsoring the linker, its thoughts, writtings, or the linker's services or products when they are not part of our trading linkers or part of the UAOC;
  7. Must not use the UAOC's logos, banners, images, leaders or members pictures or the UAOC's specific trade dress (except the third part codes) without prior written permission from the UAOC;
  8. Must not contain content that could be construed as racist, intolerant, anti-Christian, obscene, libellous, defamatory, pornographic, or inappropriate for all ages;
  9. Must not contain materials that would violate any laws;
  10. Must agree that the link may be removed at any time upon the UAOC's request pursuant to the UAOC's reserved rights to rescind its consent to allow the link.

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The fallowing buttons could be save and used to link us.

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