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Coat of Arms


The Coat of Arms of the Metropolia of North & South America of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and of His Eminence, Metropolitan Mykhayil, Metropolitan of New York & All America, its Presiding Hierarch has the following significance.



The entire work is surrounded by the bishop’s Mantiya or mantle, in the blue color worn by Orthodox Metropolitans. Streams of white and red symbolize the episcopal role. White is remindful of the grace that flows from the role of the bishop as the principal teacher of theology in the eparchy while red indicates the witness he must bear in faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The mantle is surmounted by the other episcopal insignia: the Mitre, Pastoral Staff and the two-barred Archepiscopal Processional Cross.


Right Field

The right field is the arms of the UAOC Metropolia of the Americas. It depicts the Virgin Mary, in traditional Ukrainian garb, descending to hold her veil of protection over the American continent, which the Metropolia serves. To indicate communion with the Mother Church in Ukraine, in the background of the Theotokos rises the Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called in Kyiv, the Patriarchal Seat of the Primate of the UAOC. The traditional Greek letters for "Mother of God" surround the icon of Mary, while the abbreviation of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, rendered in Ukrainian letters, surround the North & South American continent. The red background  is symbolic of the blood of the many martyrs who bore witness to the faith both in the Americas and in Ukraine.


Left Field

In the left field is shown the arms of His Eminence, Metropolitan Mykhayil, Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of All America. In the top quadrant is a pelican feeding its young from its own breast, an early Christian symbol of the Eucharist, to emphasize Vladyka Mykhayil’s strong devotion to celebrating the Sacrifice of Christ's Body & Blood in the Divine Liturgy. The Greek letters for Jesus Christ are on either side of the pelican.

In the lower quadrant are symbols of the Metropolitan’s personal life and spiritual journey. The outline of the State of New York and the Hudson River depict Vladyka Mykhayil’s birth there. The Statue of Liberty is superimposed over the state, representing the Metropolitan’s strong commitment to liberty, freedom and justice for all people. The red bear is from the shield of the Transcarpathian Oblast of Ukraine, representing Vladyka’s grandparents, who immigrated to the USA from that region. The coat of arms of St. Mary Seminary & Graduate School of Theology in Cleveland, Ohio shows both the education of the Metropolitan there, where he received a Master of Arts Degree in Theology, and his interest in ongoing theological and biblical study. Between the two quadrants, uniting them, is a large white bishop’s omophorion, symbolizing Vladyka’s role and commitment as a shepherd of God’s people. The omophorion in the Orthodox ritual symbolizes Christ the Good Shepherd, who "sought out the lost sheep, found it and carried it on his shoulders to his heavenly father" (cf. Luke 15: 4-7).

The top and bottom portions of the field are divided into two equal sections, of blue and yellow respectively. These are the colors of the Ukrainian flag and represent Metropolitan Mykhayil's Ukrainian ancestry.



The Metropolitan’s personal motto is given in Ukrainian on the scroll below. It means, “Look to Christ,” reminding us that in all matters and questions, it is Jesus whom we must follow and imitate.