Archbishop-Metropolitan and Cathedral Protodeacon
Attend Healing Service at Cleveland State University Convocation Center

Metropolitan Michael, Father Welsh, Protodeacon Klebanik before the service CLEVELAND, OH: On Sunday, April 3, 2005, His Eminence, Metropolitan Michael and Protodeacon Volodymyr Klebanik of the Cathedral of SS. Boris & Hlib attended a healing mass at the Cleveland State University Convocation Center, which was part of the ministry of Dr. Issam Nemeh, MD. Dr. Nemeh has become well known throughout the Northeastern Ohio area for his service of healing prayer to people of all faiths.

Over 4000 people filled the arena that day for the celebration of the liturgy, celebrated by the Rev. Robert Welsh, SJ, and to pray with Dr. Nemeh. The doctor, an anesthesiologist and acupuncturist by profession, has been praying with people afflicted by all kinds of physical and spiritual maladies for quite some time. Many people claim to have been healed through the prayer of Dr. Nemeh, although the doctor would attribute any and all healing to the power of God and to faith.

According to Dr. Nemeh, all people have the ability to be healed through the operation of the Holy Spirit and God's will. He draws little attention to himself in this now popular ministry, as he walks throughout the crowds, touching others and praying quietly to himself for God's help. Those of all faiths and walks of life come to pray with the doctor. As his ministry grows, Dr. Nemeh wishes to continue to help others come to a deeper appreciation of the power of God to work in our lives, while considering his role a small one, in the plan of divine providence for everyone.

Before the service began, Metropolitan Michael blessed the arena with holy water, asking for the coming of God's Spirit upon that place and those in it. The afternoon concluded with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, celebrated by Fr. Welsh. Dr. Nemeh however remained in the arena and continued to pray with people until 1:00 in the morning.

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