Historical Documents in the Archives of our Metropolia

The first document is from the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine, under the leadership of Metropolitan Wasyl Bodnarchuk, who in the absence of Patriarch Dymytrii, was acting Patriarch of the UAOC. It appoints the then Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Stephan Petrovich as administrator of the Archdiocese of North & South America and orders his consecration to the Episcopacy.

The second document shows that the then Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Stephan was in fact at one time a part of the Kyiv Patriarchate under, at that time, Metropolitan Filaret, now Patriarch, and was the first member of his clergy in the Diaspora. In a closed agreement between then Metropolitan Filaret and then Archimandrite Stephan, it was agreed upon that the parishes of SS. Boris & Gleb and St. Demetrius, both located in Ohio, would be accepted into the Kyiv Patriarchate. Archimandrite Stephan was given an antimension by Metropolitan Filaret for use in these parishes. Historically, it was the first antimension that Metropolitan Filaret had signed, to be used in the Americas. It is now on display at the Cathedral of SS. Boris & Gleb.

Archimandrite Stephan attended the Sobor in Kyiv, at which Metropolitan Filaret was elected Patriarch, and he served in the Cathedral in Kyiv at the installation. Archimandrite Stephan was at that time the only member of the clergy that was in Amercia and active.

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