SS. Boris & Hlib Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Cathedral
Cleveland, Ohio

Cathedral Bulletin

Welcome to the SS. Boris & Hlib Cathedral Bulletin Online. We have converted to a new and improved method of posting the weekly bulletins. They are now available in pure html format, for easy loading and viewing. This is a major change from the old, "scanned image" format which sometimes took a long time to download and open.

Many of our webpage visitors have enjoyed reading the bulletins online for a long time, and we are glad to offer this new and improved format for your convenience and edification.

The bulletins, while designed primarily for our cathedral parish, offer a wide variety of spiritual information and resources, with the interest of a more general audience in mind. Please feel free to enjoy and share the material in the bulletins, which are aimed at presenting the Eastern Christian faith and liturgical life in a contemporary and relevant setting. All material is for private use only and not intended for sale or reprint without the express permission of the cathedral parish board.

IMPORTANT: The bulletin webpages function best when displayed with the "medium" font setting (normally available from your browser's top tool bar.

They are designed to be viewed with , version 6 or similar, but can be used with another browser or version.

Some of the fonts used in our bulletins will not be installed on everyone's computer. We will make reference here to sources where some of the fonts can be obtained. Particularly necessary for reading the bulletins are the Ukrainian fonts, ER Univers, Bukinist and Architect 1251 and KOI-8 and related fonts, which can be downloaded from the following site: Ukrainian keyboard drivers, also necessary for viewing Cyrillic fonts are available from the Brama site as well.

Even if you don't wish to read the Ukrainian text, it is desirable to install the Ukrainian fonts and keyboard driver, to avoid the "jumbled" look, that occurs when foreign fonts are not displayed properly. For browsers that do not automatically display Cyrillic fonts when going to a page that uses them, please select the "user defined" option from the "encoding" category on your browser's "view" menu. For example: Go to: "view" then "encoding" then select "user defined" on the top tool bar menu. Most browsers today support automatic encoding display.

Other fonts used frequently in our bulletins include: Verdana, Myriad Roman, New Zurica, Batang, Signature and Arial. These can be obtained from many "free font" sites, including the following: Fontazm.

Thank you for your interest in our Cathedral Bulletin. We hope you enjoy them and we will update the selections as often as possible.

God bless all of our readers!


The SS. Boris & Hlib Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Staff

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