Eparchial Appointments


Effective August 24, 2000:

The V. Rev. John Johnson: Appointed Econome of the Metropolia and Syncellus (Vicar) for Financial Planning, Investments & Real Property. Fr. Johnson is elevated to the rank of Archpriest with the title of Very Rev. Father and the right to wear the Jeweled Cross.

Effective August 20, 2000:

The Rt. Rev. Bishop MYKOLA designated Archbishop of Berlin and All Germany and Apostolic Exarch of the UAOC in Western Europe. Vladyka MYKOLA is elevated to the dignity of Archbishop.

The V. Rev. Oleksa Chouter: Appointed Pastor of Holy Trinity Church, Bridgeport, CT., in addition to his responsibilities in Hartford and as Dean of the Eastern Deanery.

Effective August 6, 2000:

The V. Rev. William Schillereff: Appointed Pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Community, Murray, Utah. In addition, Fr. Schillereff is appointed to serve on the Historical Commission of the Metropolia.

Effective July 16, 2000:

The V. Rev. Olexa Chouter The V. Rev. Olexa Chouter: Appointed Pastor of SS. Volodymyr & Olha Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, New Britain, CT, and Dean of the Eastern Deanery of the Metropolia.

Born in Western Ukraine, Fr. Chouter was ordained to the priesthood by Vladyka Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky in 1991. He has experience in pastoral ministry both in Ukraine and the United States and served in the Eparchial Tribunal of the Archeparchy of L'viv. Fr. Olexa is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian and also speaks Polish and English.

The Rev. Nicholas BotanisThe Rev. Nicholas Botanis: Incardinated into the Metropolia of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and appointed Pastor of SS. Dionysios, Maura & Timotheos Church, Affton, MO. Fr. Botanis remains as Director of the "Orthodox People In America" Missionary Society.

Fr. Nicholas was ordained in 1996 and is the founder of "Orthodox People In America, Inc." a missionary society which assists the homeless, orphans and other needy in the United States and abroad. The society also works in evangelization by printing and distributing Christian literature. Fr. Botanis is the author of books and pamphlets on the Orthodox Church and is active in translating religious texts from Greek into English.

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