Eparchial Appointments


Effective April 16, 2000:

The Rev. John Johnson: Newly-ordained, appointed pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

The Rev. Protodeacon Volodymyr Klebanik: In addition to his other eparchial assignments, appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Metropolia

Effective March 5, 2000:

The V. Rev. Kiprian Wanamaker: Relieved of his duties as Dean of the Western Deanery of the Archeparchy of Cleveland and released, at his own request, to the Independent Greek Orthodox Church of the United States and the Ordinary jurisdiction of His Grace, Bishop ELIAS.

Effective February 20, 2000:

The Rt. Rev. Bishop Danylo: Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland, Appointed as Syncellus (Episcopal Vicar) of the Western Syncellete of the Archeparchy of Cleveland.

The Rev. Deacon Timothy Belinskyj: Elevated to the rank of Archdeacon and attached to the Cathedral of SS. Boris & Gleb, Cleveland, OH.

Effective February 13, 2000:

The V. Rev. Hieromonk Danylo: Elected and Confirmed by the Council of Hierarchs as Bishop-Elect of Maramaros and Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland.

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